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Beach your Maverick 

The Maverick 400 & 440 and Hybrid sailing catamarans are designed to dry out on their own bottoms. When the catamaran is beached the hull & keel is designed so that the yacht will rest on its own hulls tilted slightly forward with the keel in the sand and the sail drives or electric shaft drive props safely clear of the sand. Beaching a cruising catamaran is a skill that requires preparation to select an appropriate location. This is a skill that can be learned, like docking your catamaran. It gives a lot of comfort and peace of mind knowing that your Maverick can be beached and opens up many anchorages that become available due to this ability.


You may accidentally beach your Maverick when, for example, you are waiting for a bridge to open on the ICW (Intra-Coastal Waterway) and the tides change. This ability of the yacht really helps you out in times like these. 

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