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We believe in fitting top quality sails, rigging and deck gear as standard.

Sails & Mast




We believe in fitting the best sails as standard.


All Mavericks come equipped with North Sails. 


North Sails are recognized as having premium

- design

- performance 

- durability 

- quality and

- global support 


North Sails have a fantastic team of people and they have always provided us with outstanding global service & support over the years. We believe they are the best.


North Sails demonstrates their clear leadership position in consistently being at the forefront of the worlds longest & toughest races -  such as their string of wins of the

Jules Verne Trophy for Fastest Circumnavigation on Record.





We want to have an extremely strong mast & rigging that can provide confidence and peace of mind throughout a circumnavigation in all conditions.


This is why we work with Sparcraft for all our masts. A 100% spin-off from Southern Spars, Sparcraft delivers outstanding quality that is second to none.


We specifically designed our mast & rigging to be tremendously sturdy & robust. As standard, our masts have double main stays on each side which greatly increase the overall strength of the rig.


Bossa Nova, Maverick 440, was caught in the center of Hurricane Matthew while moored in the Bahamas in 2016. This Maverick survived the hurricane virtually unscathed due to a combination of very good luck and an extremely strongly-built boat with a sturdy mast & rigging.


Fitting of an optional Harken Battcar system makes dropping the mainsail an absolute breeze, as the backward rake of the mast reduces friction. 




Deck Gear

Winches & Deck gear


Mavericks come equipped with 6 x Lewmar winches; 

2 X Lewmar 45 Winches

4 X Lewmar 40 Winches


On the Maverick 400 & 440 Cruise Ready yachts, there is an electric Lewmar 45" winch on both the port and starboard side that can both be operated from the helm. The electric winches can be used to 

- hoist the mainsail

- trim the foresails

- furl the foresails

- raise the dinghy


There is a Lewmar 40 winch on the mast for hoisting of foresails. There are 2 x Lewmar 40 winches on either side of the cockpit for the main sheet. With the bridle system on the main sheet, this can be trimmed from the helm station using one winch and the second is there for back-up. Then there is an additional Lewmar 40 that can also be used to hoist the dinghy or as an option for a crane to transfer the dinghy engine to the storage locker.


All deck gear on the yacht is supported by marine ply, internally mounted backing plates that are embedded in the superstructure of the yacht. Additional stainless steel backing plates are added to the interior to further strengthen high load pieces of equipment. 




The Maverick is set up for short-handed, long range cruising. The approach to the set-up of the lines is to have small angles through the blocks to reduce line friction. This produces less wear & tear on the lines and makes the line handling easier so it is possible to operate all the sails without the need for electric winches.


Port sheets are to port side; starboard sheets are to starboard side. This is a logical and intuitive set-up which engages the crew to enjoy sailing as a team. 


With the use of the two electric winches that can be operated from the helm, and an auto-pilot, it is possible to perform long watches single-handed. 


We recommend docking and anchoring be performed with at least two people as this is easier and safer. Depending on the weather conditions and experience of the skipper this could be performed single-handed. 


There are self-draining rope tail bins for both port and starboard sheets and halyards which keeps the deck tidy.



Anchors are a personal choice and depend on your sailing agenda and approach. 


Rocna anchors are particularly popular with live-aboard cruisers and certainly an option worth considering. Rocna anchors can be fitted to Mavericks which is best decided  during the boat build due to the Rocna's unique shape. They are popular due to their versatility, strength and build quality.  They provide a lifetime warranty and are consistently top rated in independent tests.


As standard, we deliver the yacht with two anchors. There is an electric windlass to assist in anchoring and this can be operated from the helm. 


When hoisted the anchor chain and anchor itself are located as close as possible to the mast. This is for much-improved weight balancing when underway. It also provides a convenient location for attaching the bridle. 


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