With the Maverick 440 Hybrid you will enjoy

more silence & unlimited range.

Maverick 440 Hybrid

 Key Benefits of Electric Engines

Quiet & Green

Long Range

More Torque

Reduced maintenance

More power for house batteries

The set-up of the Maverick 440 Hybrid is for a circumnavigation ready yacht launched on the water in Cape Town, South Africa. This yacht already includes air conditioning, water maker, solar panels,
generators and other items required for a circumnavigation.


The yacht comes equipped standard with a generous bank of lithium-ion phosphate batteries to provide for your everyday needs and cruising pleasure while living aboard. 


Mavericks are built in a semi-custom manner. The hulls & superstructure are production modeled and the owners specify their equipment, layout, and décor. 


In this section, we focus on the benefits and set-up of the Electric powertrain. All the other good things you would find on The Maverick 400 & 440 are also available in this model.

The Maverick 440 Hybrid is an electric drive sailing catamaran. The
electric engines are powered by lithium-ion phosphate
batteries. The batteries are charged through a number of sources,
namely; solar power, wind generators (optional), hydro-regeneration while sailing, shore power, and diesel generators.

Our electric powertrain is an electric hybrid drive system that offers the best range any hybrid electric 44ft catamaran in the world.

Electric Engines can be installed in three configurations;

1st The electric shaft drives offer supreme cruising comfort and are extremely silent in operation even if the generators are running.

2nd The electric sail drives offer space saving, and good positioning o fthe engines away from the sleeping area for less noise and heat.

3rd The parallel hybrid version offer the ability to drive the props directly from either the electric motor or diesel engine. This offers the highest level of redundancy for better reliability and safety at sea. The Parallel Hybrid version is under development and is expected to be available for launch to the public in spring of 2022. 

Maverick Life Hybrid Layout

Saloon, galley & cockpit layout.


You can customize the layout of the galley, various cockpit layouts are available and decor is all your own choice.

Three Cabin, two heads owners yacht.


This is our most popular choice of the cabin layout.


You can customize most items e.g. replacing the desk in the owner's hull with an additional sofa/sleeper couch or

 converting the port forepeak bunk into a pantry.


Customers often opt for a work bench in the companionway where tools are easily arranged & accessible.  

4 Cabin layout


The four cabin layout can accommodate 10 + 2 guests.


The forepeaks are for children. The saloon has a full queen size double bed that can be used as a day bed or for occasional guests or for watch keeping. 

Deck Layout


The deck layout shows the extensive opening hatches and good ventilation that is standard on a Maverick.


Genko Ganev 

San Diego, California

"As a professional mechanical engineer, I am very particular about any construction process I am involved in, the quality of the materials and components used, all key ingredients for a high-quality product. Building a “live aboard” catamaran is twice more difficult than building a house in California. Our search for the right boat builder and the right live aboard custom-built catamaran took us over a year and I can confidently say: “We found the right one – Maverick Yachts in Cape Town, South Africa”. After two meetings with Rudi Pretorius at Maverick Yachts, we signed a contract, I quit my day job and relocated to Cape Town for six months while our catamaran was built. True custom-built catamaran, well thought out and build strong. As people say – “They don’t build them like that anymore”. We are extremely happy with our choice and the entire experience was better than expected."


Key Specs  

•Length overall      

•Length waterline



•Mast height

•Mast height above waterline


•Fuel capacity

•Fresh water capacity 


•Main sail


•CE certified

13.3 m / 43.6 Ft

12.3 m / 40.3 Ft

7.45 m / 24.5 Ft

1m / 3.2 Ft

18.3 m / 60 Ft

20.1 m / 65.9 Ft

9930 kg / 21'892 lb

2 x 400 l / 2 x 106 US gal

2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal

2 x 20 kW

68 m² / 731.9 sq ft

43 m² / 462.8 sq ft

Category A

Sail More Often

The ability to sail more often in both light and strong conditions is the best solution for eco-cruising. The Maverick Hybrid catamarans get going under sail in just 4 knots of wind and can tack or gybe under sail power alone in just 6 knots of wind. The Maverick  catamarans are engineered with high-strength, low-weight materials.


The hulls are foam core using Gurit® Corecell™ foam, and the interior modules incorporate Nida-Core Structural Honeycomb for further weight saving and durability. A lightweight catamaran means you sail more often and for longer with less reliance on engines.


The Maverick 400 & 440 catamarans have the shallowest draft of any fixed keel cruising catamaran in the world.


Optimal weight distribution & space saving have been achieved with the installation of electric drive motors leading to improvements in boat handling, greater load carrying capacity and storage space.

Longest Range when Cruising

Maverick’s electric shaft drive motors with the range extension system allows you to travel further on engines alone than any other electric 40 - 44ft cruising catamaran on the market today.


Total cruising range on the diesel-electric hybrid drive engines  (i.e. no sail power) is calculated at over 1’000 nautical miles. (1’850 km). This range is under calm (neutral) sea conditions at 5 knots. 


The cruising range extends further through solar charging.


Cruising range is unlimited when hydro-regeneration is combined in the right proportions with sailing. 


Extend your Range


Together with the solar power and wind generation you can extend your range on engines and reduce the need for diesel.


The Maverick 440 Hybrid is fitted standard with 42kW of lithium ion phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, 1340 watts of solar panels and 800-liter (220 gallons) of long-range diesel tanks.


The configuration of the system is customizable to meet owners requirements. An additional 660 watts of solar panels can be added on the bimini bringing the total of solar power to 2000 watts. An optional 2 x 400watt wind generators can be added to the system to bring the total solar & wind power generation up to 2800 watts. With the Maverick Hybrid's ability to recharge its batteries through solar power, wind generators, hydro-generators, and plug-in at the dock there is much less need for refilling your diesel tanks, saving you time and money.


Maverick Hybrid electric shaft drive motors instantly deliver the full torque of the engines from zero revs. With immediate torque throughout your rev range, the handling and performance of the engine power are great. This
step-change in performance is achieved while enjoying the peace and quiet of the electric shaft drives.


The responsiveness and power of the electric shaft drive engines provide confidence during docking procedures and on the open ocean through excellent boat handling characteristic in all situations.  

The Comfort of Silence

There is nothing better than the comfort of silence when sailing. With the electric motors, you get close to this level of silence when motoring. When at anchor you can enjoy the peace and quiet for hours on board as the large battery pack is powerful enough to run all the electrical house systems.

Due to the large power of the lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack, you have a greater ability to run all electrical systems on the yacht for longer periods. The battery pack is strong enough to run your air-conditioning, water maker, dishwasher, windlass or autopilot without the need to switch on the generator. If you are conservative with your electrical consumption your batteries will
recharge only through the use of the solar panels, wind generator, and hydro generator. The backup generators are set to automatically come on when required and you can enjoy more silent intervals. The diesel generators are highly insulated to run smoothly & quietly. Overall there is less vibration & noise when the diesel generator is running than traditional diesel motors. 

The Power of Lithium-Ion Batteries

The lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack is the source of main power for all the boat systems and electric shaft drive engines. This battery pack has a lot broader operational range than other traditional battery packs. You can use more of the discharge of the battery and you can charge the battery pack faster. This leads to far greater utilization of your batteries, providing more available amp hours that you can use compared with traditional batteries. When you are producing a lot of electric power from solar, wind and hydro generators the battery pack can absorb all this charge thereby greatly reducing the battery charge time.


The batteries have less weight, much higher amount of amp hours, charge much faster and can be discharged to deeper levels than traditional battery packs. This provides more power to all your home systems for longer. While sailing both electric engines can be set to hydro generation and this is a great way to charge your batteries while cruising with a minimum impact on boat speed. In certain conditions, while sailing at higher boat speeds, the electric motors in hydro generation mode have less resistance than folding props while you are generating electricity.

Beach your Maverick 

The Maverick 440 Hybrid sailing catamaran is designed to dry out on its own bottom.


When setting off onto the open ocean it is good to know you can always get home safe. We use only the most advanced Lithium Ion Phosphate battery technology for safe operation at 48V. UN38.3 and IEC62281 compliant. This provides a safe and conservative system with its own BMS – battery monitoring system that prevents the excessive discharge or overcharging. We have 2 x powerful diesel generators that can provide sufficient power to operate electric motors while by-passing the battery bank. The battery bank can be charged from numerous other sources other than the diesel generators. By design, there are levels of back-up and redundancy built into the systems. This is coherent to the overall design philosophy of Mavericks that are designed to be independent & reliable with dual back-up built into most of the critical boat systems and the use of the highest quality components and materials.

Less Maintenance

Electric engines require far less maintenance than diesel engines. They have far less moving parts. The average diesel engine has 300+ moving parts including the transmission. The electric drive motors have less than six moving parts and no transmission is required. 


2 X Diesel-electric engines replace the traditional diesel engines and provide charge to your house batteries, eliminating the need for a dedicated generator for your house batteries. 


Diesel generators run in their optimum rev range with low resistance leading to greater longevity and less maintenance. 


The elective drive engines do not require winterization reducing annual engine maintenance costs.

Reduced maintenance cost and savings on diesel translate to an overall cost saving over the lifetime of the yacht. This saves time and money for the private owner. For the charter business, these savings translate to greater profitability, better return on investment, more productive time and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

Greener Eco -Cruising

The Maverick e-Life is Greener in all aspects.


The system greatly reduced the use of fossil fuel making it cheaper to operate the boat and better for the environment.

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