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Maverick owner's blogs

Maverick 440 Equinox - Hull #020

Equinox is the first Maverick to be fitted with the wide top bimini.
It also has other great features, like scuba dive tank holders in the
aft transom lockers and the standard extra large swim ladder that is ideal for scuba divers getting out of the water. On Equinox’s facebook page you can enjoy the sights & sounds from
the waters in around Cape Town. Maverick 440 Equinox was the start boat for the 2017 Volvo Ocean Race in Cape Town for both the in-shore race and the departure to New Zealand.

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Maverick 400: Seismic Wave - Hull #002

The owners of Seismic Wave are celebrating 5 years of living
aboard. The first years they island hopped in the Caribbean, then
crossed through the Panama Canal to sail across the South Pacific
and are currently in New Zealand. They have enjoyed sailing
together with the Maverick 440, Our Rose and Maverick 440, Island
Home. They keep fit & active cycling, kayaking, swimming,
snorkeling and hiking on islands they stop at. Highlights of their
cruising lifestyle include; the amazing cruisers you meet with whom you share a lifestyle, the variety of places you can access by boat & experience at your own pace the underwater world with all its creatures & colors
Seismic Wave was the first Maverick launched and it was originally named Catlyn. You can read about it's first three years in the Caribbean in the Catlyn blog below.

Maverick 400: Catlyn - Hull #002

Catlyn was the first Maverick 400 launched, although it is hull
#002, it was the first one in the water. The owners took their two
sons on an adventure of a lifetime as they set sail from Cape Town
to spend three glorious years in the Caribbean. Their blog shares

different perspectives from those on board, male, female, young
and young at heart. You can enjoy poetry, people and places. The eldest son Joe, also wrote an article on How to Beach your Maverick.

Maverick 440 Vagabund - Hull #004

The owners of Vagabund are avid fishermen, and their blog has a
list of bill fish caught while sailing on Vagabund – which includes a
171kg (380 pound) Blue Marlin caught off the coast of Mozambique.
Vagabund started out as a Maverick 400 sailing up & down the South African Coast up to Mozambique. In 2012, in collaboration with Phil Southwell (Maverick yacht designer) she was extended to a Maverick 440. Following the successful crossing of Vagabund to Brazil in 2012, the Maverick 440 became a proven concept and was offered to new & existing owners. The owners of Vagabund enjoy fishing, adventurous sailing and spend about six months a year on board their Maverick.

Maverick 440: Our Rose - Hull #010

Our Rose was launched early in 2013 and her owners have been
living aboard ever since. Starting in Cape Town, they sailed across
the Atlantic to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil. They spent a few years
sailing the Caribbean & Americas before going through the Panama Canal in February 2016. From there they stopped at the Galapagos Islands before sailing across the Pacific. Recent sailing has taken them to Bali, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Our Rose is equipped with a dive compressor & underwater lights.

Maverick 440 Air Power - Hull #016

Maverick 440 Air Power has an ICW (Intra-coastal waterway)
friendly rig, with a low enough AIR DRAFT to make it under the
Intra-Coastal Waterway bridges. The owners enjoyed a couple of
years sailing up & down the east coast of the US and then joined the  ARC World Cruise in which completed a full circumnavigation, going through Panama Canal, to Gallopogas Islands, across the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean stopping at many wonderful places along the way, including Mauritius. They completed their circumnavigation by returning to Cape Town, South Africa in December 2018, and then set-off for their second Atlantic Crossing back to the Caribbean and onto Fl. Their blog includes photos of the construction of the yacht with its traditional décor finishes in
mahogany wood, brass, and green leather.

Maverick 440 Bossa Nova - Hull #011

Maverick 440 Bossa Nova was launched in 2014, It was sailed
extensively around Cape Town, the US east coast, Florida keys and the
Bahama’s and is currently moored in Mexico. The owner offers
limited crewed charters at sailor friendly prices in order to introduce
friends and family to the joys of cruising on a catamaran. Bossa Nova is moored at a 5 Star resort in Cancun, Mexico so guests can also enjoy all the wonderful facilities of the beach resort.

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