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Maverick 440 Hybrid

With the Maverick 440 Hybrid, you have an all-access pass to circumnavigate. The yacht provides unprecedented levels of comfort for life on board. Experience the most exotic anchorages with the shallow draft and the ability to dry out. Enjoy the luxury of silence when the sails are up or when the Oceanvolt Sail Drive electric engines are on.

The Maverick 440 Hybrid puts you at the forefront of eco-friendly cruising.

Maverick 440

The Maverick 440 is designed for a couple or family who wish to sail around the world in comfort, while having the ability to do all the things they love and enjoy the places they visit.

Maverick 400

We believe you can sail around the world easily, in comfort and safety. We want you to be self-sufficient and confident to make this adventure with your family and friends. Being independent leads to higher levels of privacy on extended voyages.


The Maverick 400 in the photo has a tall rig.

As standard, we fit the ICW-friendly mast on the Maverick 400.

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