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The Maverick 440 Hybrid is powered by Oceanvolt.

Maverick 440 Hybrid

Maverick Yachts has teamed up with  Oceanvolt in order to offer the Maverick 440 Hybrid.

The Oceanvolt package offers distinct advantages for a cruising catamaran including

- Award-Winning Servoprop with Best-in-Class hydro-regeneration capabilities;

- Low voltage 48 V electric engine system for better safety and serviceability  

- Fit-for-purpose form factor in design for saving space and weight

- Low maintenance engine components & mounting solutions.

- Lithium-ion phosphate batteries for safety & reliability


Oceanvolt ServoProps


The  Maverick 440 Hybrid comes standard with 2 x award-winning Oceanvolt ServoProps. 

The Oceanvolt ServoProps offer the best hydro-regeneration capability for any system in this class in the world today.

The reason for the superior hydro-regeneration capability is due to the feathering propellers. 

Feathering props allow for the prop angle to rotate 180 degrees and effectively be facing forward when in Hydro-regeneration mode, this provides for maximum hydrogen regeneration capabilities that are much higher than a traditional prop rotating 'back-wards'.

Software controls the prop angle to maximize the charge to the battery bank taking into account the boat speed while sailing.

This is a game-changer as the feasibility of meaningful hydro-regeneration at lower boat speeds creates opportunities for autonomous world cruising without reliance on fossil fuels.

With your sails and hydro-regeneration, you can conquer the globe. 


The Maverick 440 Hybrid is an electric sail drive sailing catamaran. The
electric engines are powered by lithium-iron phosphate
batteries. The batteries are charged through a number of sources,
namely; solar power, wind generators (optional), hydro-regeneration while sailing, shore power, and diesel generator(s).

Our electric powertrain with multiple charging options and GenSet backup, with large diesel tanks, make for the best range of any electric 44ft production cruising catamaran in the world.

Electric Engines are 15kW Oceanvolt ServoProps.

Maverick 440 Hybrid 

3 & 4 Cabin layouts

Maverick 440 Hybrid - 3 Cabin

This has 2 x GenSet in the aft engine lockers, with access from the outside of the yacht.

Maverick 440 Hybrid - 3 Cabin


The 3-Cabin Hybrid comes with 2 x 11kW DC 48V GenSets. 


The GenSets are both mounted in the engine bays.


Two GenSets give the ability to motor on back-up diesel if required. Given the biggest in class long-range fuel tanks of the Maverick 440, this provides peace of mind.

Maverick 440 Hybrid twim power.jpg

Maverick 440 Hybrid - 4 Cabin layout

The 4-Cabin Hybrid comes with a 15kW DC 48V GenSet.

Maverick 440 Hybrid - 4 cabin

The Maverick catamaran's hull design allows it to track beautifully on one engine alone. With a powerful backup 15kW GenSet this provides an incredible range possible with long-range diesel fuel tanks. 

The GenSet is powerful enough to drive both electric motors at a lower rev range. 

Both motors are required for maneuvers such as anchoring and mooring, as these activites can be done in full-electric mode through power from the battery bank. 

Ocean Volt sail drive diagram.jpg


Genko Ganev 

San Diego, California

"As a professional mechanical engineer, I am very particular about any construction process I am involved in, the quality of the materials and components used, all key ingredients for a high-quality product. Building a “live aboard” catamaran is twice more difficult than building a house in California. Our search for the right boat builder and the right live aboard custom-built catamaran took us over a year and I can confidently say: “We found the right one – Maverick Yachts in Cape Town, South Africa”. After two meetings with Rudi Pretorius at Maverick Yachts, we signed a contract, I quit my day job and relocated to Cape Town for six months while our catamaran was built. True custom-built catamaran, well thought out and build strong. As people say – “They don’t build them like that anymore”. We are extremely happy with our choice and the entire experience was better than expected."

Oceanvolt Saildrive with ServoProps 

The Maverick 440 Hybrid is fitted as standard with

2 x 15kW Oceanvolt ServoProps.

This is the most light-weight and compact 15kW electric sail drive solution on the market today. The blue area is the electric motor and replaces the traditional 40hp diesel engine. This saves space and weight and provides more power & torque. Additional weight is added back to the yacht in the form of a strong Lithium-iron phosphate battery bank. The position of these batteries is more forward on the yacht leading to better weight distribution and trim angles.

On the 3-cabin version, 2 x GenSet's are placed in the engine bays which are lighter, more compact, and more silent than the traditional diesel engines also allowing for extra storage space.

On the 4-cabin version, one larger GenSet is located near the mast that allows for additional storage in the engine bay lockers aft.  


Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries 

The Maverick 440 Hybrid comes standard with a total of 42kW lithium-iron phosphate MAIN battery bank.

- other size battery banks can be considered & installed upon request -

For redundancy and weight balancing reasons, this battery bank is split into 2 x 21kW 48 V battery banks.

Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4)  batteries have many advantages in a marine environment, including; 

The chemistry offers a longer cycle life than other lithium-ion approaches.

LiFePO4 batteries have a slower rate of capacity loss which means they retain their charge for longer.

They have a very constant discharge voltage which allows the cell to deliver virtually full power throughout the discharge.

The use of phosphates is more environmentally friendly to source & recycle than some alternatives. 

LiFePO4  batteries have good thermal & chemical stability which improves battery safety.

Easy to read Display

The Ocean Volts HMI (Human Machine Interface) is designed to be easy to use in all weather conditions.

During the day the bright & clear display provides the Captain with the essential information at the helm relating to the electric motors and battery systems.


In the night mode, the display is in red in order to preserve your night vision and be more relaxing on the eyes over extended periods.

Internally a more detailed display at the chart table provides a complete overview of battery monitoring systems as provided by Victron Energy. This includes information relating to the consumption of power by the electric engines, house systems, and also charge rates from all sources power like solar & hydro-regeneration. 

The backup Generator is set to automatically turn on to charge the batteries at pre-determined levels to make sure there is always adequate power in the battery bank.


Oceanvolt dual-engine control levers

All the power you need at your fingertips.

Oceanvolt engine controllers are smooth and easy to operate.

With electric motors unique characteristics to deliver a linear torque curve, offering full power from the start all the way through the rev range allows for sublime boat handling.


With two aft-mounted motors on either hull  360° degree turns pivoting on a point are possible. With skill and practice, you can edge the yacht sideways.

Switching from forward to reverse can be done faster than traditional diesel engines which provides better responsiveness and safety margin.

All of this is done in silence. 


Motor Controller

Each electric motor has its own dedicated engine controller. 

This controls the motor operation of inverting DC to 3-phase AC.

The end of range anxiety

The Maverick 440 Hybrid sailing comes standard with backup diesel GenSet(s) that can run the electric engines all day long with long-range full tanks.  

90% of use cases for motors are for short-haul maneuvers like anchoring or maneuvering.  Pure electric power is perfect for this due to the high levels of immediate torque.

There are times where you may require large amounts of power from your engines for sustained periods, such as when outrunning a storm, making your way up a river, or when crossing the doldrums in no wind. For these times it is good to have backup GenSet(s) linked to long-range fuel tanks to give you a lot of options & peace of mind.

LiFePO4 batteries & electric motors offer greener alternative

Diesel has around 100 times the energy density of Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4)  batteries.

LiFePO4 has 2'000 full discharge cycles, this can be up to 12'000 cycles.

Provided the method used to charge the batteries is from a green sustainable & renewable source Lithium-Ion Phosphate ( LiFePO4) can offer around 20 times or 2'000% improvement.

Consistently driving an electric engine that obtains its energy source from fossil fuels alone has a higher environmental impact than simply using a diesel engine. This has got to do with inefficiencies related to the principles of conservation of energy. It is more efficient to use the power of diesel to drive a piston than to use it to convert into electricity, store in a battery and then convert for usage by the electric engine, as at each step a small amount of energy is lost.

Therefore an important consideration for a greener tomorrow is to make sure that your charge your batteries with green sustainable & renewable energy sources whenever possible. Sources such as wind power, solar power, and hydro-power are environment-friendly and sustainable ways to recharge your batteries. These green energy sources can be created on and by your yacht and also obtained through shore power sourced from green energy providers.  

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