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Eco-friendly & quieter

Maverick 440 Hybrid

More speed, more space

Maverick 440

Circumnavigation Ready

Maverick 400

Maverick 440 Hybrid


The Maverick 440 Hybrid is fitted with electric motors. The package includes generators, solar panels, and lithium-iron batteries as standard. The rest of the yacht is based on the Maverick 440.


The Maverick 440 Hybrid has the longest range under motor any catamaran in its class.  


The Maverick 440 Hybrid  offers;


Eco-Friendly Cruising

More silence when motoring

More silence when anchoring

More silence when sailing

Powerful house batteries 

Maverick 440


Based on the award winning    Maverick 400 we aimed to further enhance and refine this design by bringing out the Maverick 440.


The Maverick 440 has extended sugar scoops that provide good swimming platforms, enhanced performance,  better load carrying capabilities & additional wet locker storage. The extension also provides a sidewall to the sugar scoops for better wave protection on the swim platforms and this enhances the side profile of the yacht. From the increase in the waterline, the catamaran will achieve approximately one-knot additional average boat speed.


The Maverick 440 comes standard with a taller mast and bowsprit. Any combination of mast & sails is possible on both the Maverick 400 & 440.


The Maverick 440 can also be delivered with an ICW-friendly rig. 

 Maverick 400


The Maverick 400 is a multiple award winning yacht, winning boat of the year for Best Leasure Craft in all categories two years in a row.


The award-winning design is delivered in a cruise ready configuration. 


The interior space of the Maverick 400 is phenomenal for a yacht of this size and it therefore earned the nickname; 

"The Space Craft".


 The concept allows the owner to save on mooring & ownership costs over the lifetime of the yacht while enjoying premium interior space and comfort. 


All Mavericks offer extensive customization options for interior décor, layout and system choices. 


The Maverick 400 is delivered standard with an ICW (Intra-Coastal Waterway) friendly AIR DRAFT. The photo above of a Maverick 400 is with an optional taller rig and more powerful sail plan.

Maverick Comparison

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