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Experience the true pleasure & enjoyment of life...

...on a multiple award-winning Maverick Catamaran.

Maverick 400

We believe that when people sail around the world it is mostly about living aboard a yacht, and the yacht is your home and we want to make this home as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


We created a yacht that is the ultimate live-on-board 40ft catamaran available; it has all the creature comforts of home. The 40ft size has the advantage of saving dockage over the lifetime of the yacht, with the most amount of interior volume for its length - "The biggest little cat". 


The Maverick 400 is built for living and traveling to wherever your heart desires and staying as long as you want. She is a comfort cat and sails beautifully with wonderful handling characteristics.

The Maverick is extremely stable which makes for wonderful living conditions on the ocean due to her wide hulls that prevent her rocking both fore and aft, and limit her tilting angle.



The Maverick can handle a storm with confidence. It is a strong yacht in tough conditions - with a Maverick you feel more confident due to the stability of the hulls and the clean, low friction deck layout for shorthanded sailing.


The yacht is made easy to maintain by using the highest quality equipment and also by designing it is such a way that servicing of all components are easy to access, for example, the engine bays are large with all important parts positioned within hands reach.


Maverick 400 Layout

The Maverick 400 is a multiple award-winning yacht.


It has best in class design features with extraordinary attention paid to the quality of the finishes.

It is a cruising catamaran to experience the true pleasure & enjoyment of life.

The Maverick 400 is for the private owner who wishes to sail around the world.

The Maverick 400 is also offered with 4 cabins for plenty of room for family, friends, and crew.

Designers Statement 

 Phil Southwell: Yacht Designer

Owner of Maverick 400 Cosmoledo 

“I sailed my own Maverick 400 (hull no. 5) from Cape Town, South Africa through the Caribbean to the USA and enjoyed a trouble-free and comfortable voyage with between one and five other crew.


Long voyages are great for improving designs, especially with a feedback loop directly to the factory in Cape Town. Maverick stays in close communication with its customers, many of them live aboard long-range cruisers, and can rapidly adopt innovation into the production through its semi-custom low production volume approach.


Ultimately the boat combines liveability, sailing performance and class in the right proportions. And, because the cat is light and airy, combining the features of a good home with go-anywhere credentials, it makes a great boat for sailors who want to experience the wonderful liveaboard lifestyle.

Beach your Maverick 

The Maverick Life sailing catamaran is designed to dry out on it’s own bottom.


Key Specs  400

12.2 m / 40 Ft

11.3 m / 37.1 Ft

7.45 m / 24.5 Ft

0.9 m / 2.95 Ft

16.9 m / 55.44 Ft

18.7 m / 61.35 Ft

9500 kg / 20'944 lb

2 x 400 l / 2 x 106 US gal

2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal

2 x 30 Hp

59.4 m² / 639 sq ft

32.6 m² / 351 sq ft

Category A

•Length overall      

•Length waterline



•Mast height

•Mast height above waterline


•Fuel capacity

•Fresh water capacity 


•Main sail


•CE certified

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