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Travel around the world with your loved ones... comfort, safely & with confidence

Maverick 440

The Maverick 440 is designed for a couple or family who wish to sail around the world in comfort, whilst having the ability to do all the things they love and enjoy the places they visit. It is a cruising catamaran for long distance voyages and living aboard, designed specifically for comfort, safety and reliability without compromising performance. It combines high volume interior space with lightweight construction techniques. We treat every space of the yacht as a comfortable living area by enhancing the comfort on deck, in the saloon, galley and hulls. As the Maverick 440 is light and airy, combining the features of a good home with go-anywhere credentials, it is the best boat for those who wish to experience the great sailing lifestyle in a yacht that provides for their everyday needs.

Following the success of the Maverick 400, the Maverick 440 was
the natural progression to a larger boat with larger transoms. The
larger sugar scoops are fantastic swim platforms, incorporating
storage and increasing the waterline length, which results in faster
speeds, a smoother ride and greater load carrying capacity.


She is still the right size to be easy to manage as a couple and benefit from saving running costs over the lifetime of the yacht. We aimed to create a yacht that is very easy to maintain by using the highest quality materials & equipment and by designing it in such a way that servicing of all components are easy to access, with the added benefit of backup redundancy for most major systems.


We have created comfort, safety & reliability with a strong & durable hull structure in a spacious ergonomic design.

Maverick 440 Layout

Maverick 440 Saloon, Cockpit & Galley


You are always able to choose the decor & equipment that you wish. The galley layout is entirely up to you and we have several cockpit layouts to choose from. 



Maverick 440:  Three Cabin layout

Every Maverick is unique with the owner's choice of layout, décor and equipment

Maverick 440: Four Cabin layout



Do you prefer a workbench, study, pantry or something else? We are always open to discuss every possibility with you for your needs.

Maverick 440 deck layout


You can count the 14 hatches. There are also 14 opening port lights - the Maverick 440 is unmatched in its class for ventilation options.


Paul Badenhorst

Maverick 440 Island Home

Paul from Pro Yacht Deliveries has logged over 230 000 nautical
miles (425 000 km) sailing, which is more than the distance to the
moon. He has sailed around the world eight times and specializes in
delivering cruising catamarans especially with private owners.
These are comments taken from his Blog while delivering Maverick
440, Island Home, from Cape Town to Australia sailing east past
Mauritius. On this delivery Paul sailed the Maverick 440 Island
Home in all kinds of conditions, sea states and wind angles.

“Mavericks are built in Cape Town byMaster Boat Builder Rudi
Pretorius, not mass produced, but custom built to the owner's
specifications. It is truly a catamaran in a class of its own, the use
of space, unlike anything I have ever seen. All the space creating
and space saving ideas on the Maverick is something to marvel at.
Aptly named the SpaceCraft, they stand out in any marina or boat
show. From strong winds from behind all the way round to strong winds from ahead, she felt steady as a rock. Having a third reef in the
mainsail is a huge blessing under these conditions (40 knots with
big swells). I can unequivocally say that the Maverick is a blue water sailboat through and through. Good to be out here on the big blue again, and good to be on a Maverick.”

BEACH your Maverick 

The Maverick Life sailing catamaran is designed to dry out on it’s own bottom.


Key Specs  440

13.3 m / 43.6 Ft

12.3 m / 40.3 Ft

7.45 m / 24.5 Ft

1m / 3.2 Ft

18.3 m / 60 Ft

20.1 m / 65.9 Ft

9930 kg / 21'892 lb

2 x 400 l / 2 x 106 US gal

2 x 500 l / 2 x 132 US gal

2 x 40 Hp

68 m² / 731.9 sq ft

43 m² / 462.8 sq ft

Category A

•Length overall      

•Length waterline



•Mast height

•Mast height above waterline


•Fuel capacity

•Fresh water capacity 


•Main sail


•CE certified

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