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Built with the highest quality materials by an expert team.


Production Molded

Maverick 400 & 440 are manufactured using female production molds. We believe female molds deliver the most superior quality of exterior finish and structural integrity. 

The molds were produced using 3D Computer Aided Design software, They were then cut with 5-axis CNC machines to produce a result that is geometrically accurate within 3mm from end-to-end.


The hulls and bridge deck of the catamaran are laid up together in one process. All Mavericks are cured in the molds for a minimum of 24 days. The combination of the single layup and curing times ensures maximum strength and durability of the hull over the lifetime of the yacht.

PVC Foam Core

The Hulls are laid up in composite sandwich construction using a vacuum bagging technique. Hand laid stitched fabrics form the outer layer of the PVC Foam Core. Vacuum bagging provides consistency of resin distribution while ensuring maxim weight savings. 


PVC is durable and light and has excellent insulation properties in all climates. We use top quality PVC Foam. 


The central spine of each hull is solid glass fiber for additional strength & durability. 


All cross member bulkheads are made of marine plywood. The marine plywood core has a waterproof marine grade of glue in between perfectly cut and sealed veneer layers. This offers high resistance to water, fungus, and damp.  We use marine ply bulkheads due to both their torsional and lateral strength qualities and ability to withstand harsh environments and conditions. 


The hulls under the waterline are double coated with International Gel Shield Epoxy and then further protected with two coats of International anti-fouling as standard.  This provides for maximum durability over the lifetime of the yacht.


The standard yacht includes real wood finishes for the furniture. Our interior modules have marine honeycomb or PVC foam core for weight saving and we use real wood veneers for a high-end finish. 

World Class Production

Safety by design


The superstructure of the yacht is unsinkable due to the natural buoyancy of the foam core construction. 


Keels are sacrificial and are glued in place with no fixed bolts so they can be easily replaced. The central spine of the yacht is solid glass with additional rows of bulkheads to house the keels. The keels are long and shallow that provide protection to the sail drives and allow the yacht to be beached.


There are two front collision bulkheads in each hull, 

one below the waterline & one above the water line. 


The engine rooms each have a separate watertight bulkhead and the Maverick 440 has an additional bulkhead behind the engine rooms. 


In total, the Maverick 440 is delivered with six automatic electric bilge pumps that come on automatically and all have a high water alarm. There are also four manual bilge pumps, two per hull = 10 in total


The Maverick 400 has four automatic and four manual bilge pumps = 8 in total. 


Both engine rooms are fitted standard with automatic fire extinguisher system as standard.

Water Management 


Maverick 400 & 440's are fitted standard with 1'000 liters (264 US gallons) of fresh water capacity; the most amount for any yacht in its class.


The bimini has an integrated water catchment system that can be plumbed directly to the tanks and an additional water catchment system can be added to the coachroof.


Cruise Ready Mavericks have a water maker as standard.


Mavericks come standard with saltwater & freshwater systems. You always have the option to flush the heads with salt water or fresh water. Both systems have full back up pumps available at the turn of a switch. The pumps are easy to access and easy to service. We use the highest quality color-coded plumbing through the yacht so anytime you see a water pipe you can immediately tell if it is salt water, fresh water or hot water. 


Water is heated through recapturing of excess heat from the engines or through battery power charged by solar. 


We always fit as standard an additional outdoor deckwash with both hot & cold water on the port transom.






At Maverick we believe in working with the best in the business to complete the installation of all electronics. All wires are labeled at both ends and the yacht comes with wiring diagrams. There is ergonomic access to the back of the switchboard and installation is impeccably neat. 


Interior household appliances are set up on either 110v or 220v depending on the customer's wishes. For maximum flexibility while cruising, we offer the option to have both 110v & 220v shore power connections, so you are sure you can always plug into shore power in any location. 



Mavericks have large engine bays with easy access.


Both engines can be started on either dedicated starter battery or via a switch from the house batteries. The Maverick 440 Hybrid has dedicated starter batteries that are recharged off the lithium-ion battery pack.


You can drive either engine from either fuel tank.


To assist in routine maintenance all strainers, filters & belts are in close proximity to the engine locker lid and there is a pump system to assist in oil changes.



There is an option of a fuel polishing system that gives you the ability to clean your fuel as you transfer it between tanks.





Engines are always the customers choice.


For the Maverick 400 & Maverick 440 sailing catamarans, you can choose between Volvo Penta or Yanmar engines.


The engine bays come fitted as standard with an automatic fire extinguishing system. 


For the Maverick 440 Hybrid, the engines and complete electronic drive chain package is Ocean Volt. 


The electric drive chain comes standard with shaft drives and a powerful lithium-ion battery pack.


It is also possible to install the Ocean Volt Sail Drives & award-winning ServoProp.

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