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Maverick Lifestyle

Gourmet Meals

Maverick offers the most extensive and spacious galley of any catamaran in its size. You have similar countertop space and storage space to a kitchen in a family home.  


All aspects of the galley can be configured to the owner's personal requirements, including the layout, position of the cupboards and drawers, equipment, appliances and of course the decor. 


There is space to include a double sink, prep bowl, ample cold storage, spice rack, coffee machine, and dishwasher. 


Gourmet meals can be prepared right on board, and some Maverick owners even grow their own herb garden, utilizing the large deep countertop space close to the windows.


Many Maverick owners opt for a gas stove & oven and also include a gas BBQ on the port transom. 


The galley has direct access to the saloon and the cockpit through opening sliding windows. The galley-up layout is convivial and social for the cook and allows for easy provisioning & serving. 


Due to the stability of the catamaran, it is always possible to cook with ease even when underway. 

Relaxing & Dining

Maverick offer several dining & entertaining areas. The main saloon has a coffee table that folds out to provide dining for eight. The cockpit has a table that slides down on a pole to provide alfresco dining for 8 people and you have the option of entertaining in more informal spaces on the catamaran, like the trampolines. 


We believe in having the most comfortable seats on the market. The dolphin watching seats, also known as the pushpit and pulpit seats, are shaped to your body for comfortable seating for many hours of pleasure in one of the four corners of the yacht. The cockpit offers a hammock aft and the trampolines between the bows for informal relaxing. There is an option for an additional six- seater dining area in the cockpit that converts to a full-size exterior daybed which is protected from the weather. The interior seating is plush, soft & supportive and has the option for bolsters under the knees for extra support. The owner's hull has additional seating.


The Maverick offers a unique day-bed in the main saloon. This is positioned in front of the saloon seating which means it can be in use with two people lying flat and 4-5 people can still dine at the saloon table. The saloon day-bed is a great versatile feature. On a day-to-day basis, it provides storage for the cockpit cushions, coats, and other things. It is the ideal watch keeper's bed where you can support your partner on watch by sleeping close to the helm.  It has a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view of the horizon line that allows you to keep watch or simply enjoy and take in the view. The day-bed provides occasional guest accommodation while still allowing the use of the saloon table. They say you should buy the smallest boat that meets 80% of your needs and the day-bed provides the option to host additional guests without the additional expense of a much larger boat and provides a versatile space that is often the most popular place to be, especially for kids.

Easy Boarding Access

The boarding of a Maverick is made as easy as possible.


Access from the dock is easy with the mid-ship boarding step when moored alongside or at the T-Bone. The aft of the yacht also has easy access no matter what height the dock is, due to the multiple-heights easy step-on places & sturdy stainless steel grab handles on the aft of the yacht by the transoms. Docking your dinghy and getting on & off your dinghy is easy due to the broad transoms that form a sheltered dock for your tender.


Going for a swim? The large and sturdy swim ladder allows you to easily board the yacht even with your scuba equipment on. The reverse mounted pin on the ladder allows you to drop the ladder while you are in the water. Wide ladder steps, and double large handrails and an extra deep bottom step are a pleasure.


Sleeping & Ventilation

The beds have thick large mattresses that are made to the owner's custom requirements for supportiveness and comfort. The mattresses are covered in bamboo quilted fabric in order to be highly breathable. 


There are island beds in both the owner's cabin and guest cabin in the aft section of the yacht. The beds have excellent headroom clearance and are positioned in the most comfortable part of the yacht to sleep both at anchor, or underway. These beds are easy to access from both sides at floor level. Due to their island design, the beds are also easy to make. They have a convenient wrap-around shelf. There are no diesel engines under the bunks, which makes the cabins cooler & quieter. The cabins have large windows to create a beautiful and light spacious area to relax, enjoy the view, read a book and take in some private time.


The ventilation on a Maverick is second to none. The Maverick has the most amount of opening port lights and opening hatches of any boat of its size or class. The owner's hull boasts 4 opening hatches and six opening port lights. If it is raining you can still create excellent ventilation in the owner's hull by opening the largest of the hatches above the bathtub and the two aft opening port lights that have rain protection covers - providing a lovely breeze through the entire length of the owner's cabin and en-suite. 

Showering, bathing & washing

The Maverick is designed for the private owner who wishes to have the most luxurious shower and bath experience, with the least amount of cleaning and maintenance. Therefore we offer Mavericks with a two head configuration. The owner is treated to a shower / come bathtub in the en-suite owner's cabin. The guest shower has a separate step-in shower with a large seat. The port transom is fitted standard with a hot/cold outdoor shower.


The scullery is large enough for a washer/dryer that can be accessed directly from the galley or port forward cabin. Typically we recommend that the port forward cabin be fitted with a de-humidifier so that this can serve as a drying room.  This is a far more energy & water efficient way to dry clothes than the dry cycle of a washer/dryer combo machine. We can also configure the port forward area as an additional pantry - while still retaining the full double bed for occasional guests.


The Maverick has the largest freshwater tanks out of any catamaran in its class, so there is always plenty of water on board.

Ease of Maintainance

All Mavericks are designed to be reliable and easy to maintain. This gives you more time for your friends, family and yourself.


Reliability is derived from fitting the highest quality materials, components and equipment available in the right way. 


There is full redundancy back up on major boat systems including fresh water, salt water and the convenience of two engines.


We complete the superstructure of the Maverick before installing any furniture, equipment or systems. So anything we brought in through the saloon sliding door and installed, you can easily access, maintain and replace. We provide ergonomic access to the back of the switchboard, electronics, plumbing systems, engines and more. As an option, we install a small workbench and full set of tools on the companionway of the port hull. Having direct access to the specific tools you need and easy access to boat systems greatly reduces maintenance time.

Comfort Cat

The Maverick is extremely comfortable at anchor and underway.


The large wide hull design ensures there is loads of living and storage space in the hulls and also provides the secret to the extremely comfortable stability of the yacht.


The wide hulls allow the yacht to surf on waves.


The shallow draft allows you to pick the best anchorages with peace of mind. Shallow water is often calmer. 


The yacht is stable on all four points due to the high level of buoyancy of the bows and wide stance of the back. This makes the yacht wonderfully stable when sailing, motoring or anchoring.


Scuba Diving Gear

We fit all Mavericks as standard with an extra large & strong swim ladder. The swim ladder has extra steps and large grab handles so that you can easily climb out the water with your scuba gear on.


Scuba Dive Tank holders can be fitted on the back of the cockpit or in the transom lockers which have close access to the water. 


You can also fill your dive tanks directly on the aft transom as we extend the air filling hose to be close to the tank holders. The dive compressor is normally mounted in one of the front lockers. 


You can enjoy the hot/cold outdoor shower on the aft transom.


You can also rinse your dive gear with the deck wash.  


Underwater lights are an option that makes the water look great at night and also attracts fish in the evening. 


Bring your own toys

Maverick Catamarans are fantastic stable platforms & homes to enjoy life on the water. There is loads of space to store all your toys.


In the photo is an inflatable SUB that can be inflated fast as it comes with an electric air pump.


There are rocket launchers for your fishing rods, and Maverick owners have been known to catch fish weighing up to 180 kg. For avid fishermen, an additional large freezer can be added. 


Kite Surfers can store all their gear in the outside lockers.


You can find place for kayaks & surfboards.


The tender/dinghy also serves as a great additional toy.


If you like to work out with exercise straps, let us know and we can fit a mounting point for the straps in the ceiling of the cockpit. 


The option for additional waterproof speakers in the cockpit and on the mast of the yacht is very popular. It is great to listen to music while relaxing on the trampolines on the front of the yacht.


We are very interested to hear about your passions, sports, hobbies & interests and would love to work with you to help set these up on your Maverick catamaran.  


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