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Maverick Yachts can build any boat upto 60ft long, 30ft wide.

Custom Boat Building 



We love boat building and we'll build any boat you like.


We have experience in custom boat building projects. 

We take on NEW custom boat builds, and also complete project / home-builds. 


If you have a project boat, and it is just not getting done fast enough – let our experienced team of boat builders complete your project in rapid time. We’ll take care of the boat building; you spend more time on the water.

We complete project builds on a time & materials basis

+ 25% = Boat launched and happy days on the water!

For example

Project Boat: 30ft Open bridge deck Catamaran



The 30ft Sea Tribe catamaran was designed by legendary award winning yacht designer - Anton du Toit. Anton spent his formative years sailing around the world with his family, honed his design skills with years of service at Southern Wind Shipyard and then began his own design studio. He designs wonderful large custom catamarans.


Our client was building this Anton du Toit designed catamaran for many years and was imagining the fun & freedom of being on the water. He needed some help to complete the boat build. 


One day he realized that life was too short to spend time in the barn building the boat and he brought it from his farm to our factory on a truck. The hull and deck were built of epoxy E-Glass composite for strength and durability. We inserted our love and passion into the Sea Tribe Catamaran and completed it in our own style. We launched our own version of this already great boat


This catamaran is great for socializing with friends, finding your way up a shallow creek and enjoying a weekend away with your mates. Most importantly it sails fantastically and is easy to handle on engines.


The owner was delighted to get his catamaran back and enjoys taking it sailing often. A year later we also built his brother a catamaran, a Maverick 440. 



Taxi Boats

Commercial open ocean boats need to be strong, REAL STRONG. Especially when they are traveling at high speeds in all conditions.

These are equipped with 2 x 180 hp (360 hp total) engines, that can transport up to 22 passages @ 32 knots in the open ocean.

Ambulance Boats

These boats save lives. They provide rapid response in the remotest parts of Africa. They are in operation in both open ocean and freshwater locations. The concept allows for the ambulance boat to arrive fast at the location
where the help is needed. This can be in remote villages that are only accessible via water or helicopter. The aim is to bring ICU support to the patient as fast as possible. When the ambulance boat arrives it can treat the patient on site as it has all the necessary medical equipment of a good emergency facility right on board.

Sometimes it is even faster than the helicopter!

This Ambulance Boat was a FIRST for AFRICA when it was launched. We made history! This is what happens when innovative minds and big hearts come together in saving lives. It has proved to be a vital tool for governments in Africa to help protect and care for their people. Many lives have been saved and we are happy that we could play our part in building the ambulance boats - designed by KND

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