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Heritage, Awards & Certifications 

After years of sailing and having previously owned several different catamarans, Rudi and Deslynn Pretorius decided they loved sailing so much they should start their own yachting company, building the perfect blue water cruiser.

“We wanted to take all the good details from boats we had previously owned, incorporate them into the new design and also eliminate all the things we felt that did not work.”

Their dream was to enjoy extended blue water cruising without relying on a crew. They set out to build a 40 ft cruising catamaran that could be sailed anywhere in the world, a yacht that could be handled effortlessly and that offered genuine 5-star comfort, safety, and reliability. They acquired the services of expert designer Phil Southwell to create this vision. A team of excellent skilled craftsmen, highly regarded within the industry, were then selected. With this winning combination, such a yacht was created - the Maverick 400.

The yacht is designed and built for a luxurious and spacious long range cruising experience. It was important for Rudi and Deslynn that just the two of them be able to handle the yacht. It is designed as a cruising catamaran without compromising on performance. Maverick Yachts provides a one-on-one service to its owners; they quickly become a part of the rapidly expanding extended family and love nothing more than to share their tales of exploration and adventure on the open seas. Maverick Yachts is based in Cape Town, South Africa, which is home to many premier world-class yacht builders including the most successful Super Yacht Sail Boat manufacturer in the world. Maverick keeps at the forefront of blue water cruising yet they still remain small enough to ensure that their passion and dedication to sailing remains at the core of everything they do. Their attention to detail and inherent understanding of yacht design guarantees the owner superb handling and performance from the Maverick catamaran, an ultra-deluxe home on the sea. 


To date, Maverick has launched over 1'000 ft of cumulative length from 34 boats built.This consists of
​20 Maverick Catamarans
3 Other Catamarans
8 Water Taxis
3 Water Ambulances


Phil Southwell has designed award-winning yachts for cruising and record-breaking open ocean racing yachts. 

He is a great designer that is prepared to listen to what we want, and also confident enough in his design to commision us building him his own Maverick 400. Phil spent many hours in the factory and we also received recognition from our peers who voted us the Best Sailing Catamaran in South Africa for two years running. 



The Maverick 400 is designed inside and outside by Phil Southwell.

His personal experience of the sea gives him a unique insight into
what is necessary to make a yacht comfortable, safe and swift, and
he has used all his skills to design this luxury catamaran that
provides owners with everything they could ever want from a
home and seagoing vessel. His designs offer amazing space, luxury
and convenience, combined with safety and performance to make
your seafaring experience the best.


Phil Southwell had Maverick 400  #005, Cosmoledo custom built for him.

Phil sailed his own Maverick 400, across the Atlantic

from Cape Town, South Africa to the USA.


Phil is a close member of the Maverick family. All design changes to the Maverick hull or super-structure are drawn up by Phil in exclusively 3D software. Phil Southwell established Southwell Yacht Design in 1989


Awards & Certification

CE Certification : Catagory A, Open Ocean

Under the Recreational Craft Directive both the

The Maverick 400 & Maverick 440

are CE rated to Catagory A, Open Ocean.

Maverick Timeline 


Maverick Yachts was founded by Rudi & Deslynn Pretorius. Rudi & Deslynn enjoyed the outdoor & sailing lifestyle from an early age. Rudi started sailing with Dart Catamarans and Windsurfers on which he competed in the SA Games. After completing his MBA, they purchased their first sailing boat in 1996 named Emoyeni. They owned their first cruising catamaran named Windsong by 2002. In 2004 they had a Cruising Catamaran built specifically for them in South Africa, named Genevieve.They loved sailing catamarans and the experience of building their own catamaran so much that they decided to start Maverick Yachts. Their goal was to build an ocean cruising catamaran for a couple or family to sail around the world – one which was built to be comfortable, safe and reliable.


Together with yacht designer, Phil Southwell, Rudi & Deslynn set out to design and build a catamaran that incorporated all the good things from their previous yachts and bringing new ideas into the world of live-aboard catamaran sailors. Maverick Yachts brought many concepts to market that are now considered essential and have become main stream on production cruising catamarans. e.g. Catamarans with excellent light in the hulls, big hull windows and island beds at normal bed height.


The Maverick 400 won Boat of the Year
following its debut in the first year it launched.
The new catamaran design had met with success.
It was the winner of the Boat of the Year, as well as the
Best Leisure Craft in all categories.

The Award was presented at the annual Boat Builders Export Council function.


Maverick Yachts won Boat of the Year Again.

As voted independently by all exhibitors at the Cape Town International Boat Show as well as industry leaders in the South African Boat

Building Industry, as being industry-leading.


Rudi was elected by industry to join the board of SABBEX (South African Boat Building Export Council) Rudi & Deslynn's son, Chris, joined the business directly after matriculating. He completed a B Commerce degree whilst doing his
apprenticeship to learn all aspect of boat building simultaneously. Chris spends time in every department of the factory including hull lay-up, carpentry, spray painting, final assembly, systems installation, and commissioning. He quickly became a valuable member of the team and today he oversees

- Procurement

- Quality Control
- System Installation
- Commissioning

- Management functions relating to the building of the yachts themselves.


Maverick Yachts has its International Debut at the Annapolis Boat Show is the USA. Phil Southwell, Maverick's Yacht Designer, sails his own personal Maverick 400, Cosmoledo, Hull #005 across the Atlantic to the US for the show.This yacht has a contemporary modern interior. The new Maverick Catamaran is well received and the first customer from the US purchases a Maverick.


The Maverick 400 is nominated for both Sailing World:

Boat of the Year & Cruising World: Boat of the Year


In co-operation with Zack and Magda, the owners of Maverick 400 hull #003, Vagabund, we create the first Maverick 440. Zack & Magda sail the Maverick 440 across the Atlantic. The design proves to be a great success, coming through a big storm 3 days out from the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.​ The Maverick 440 is offered to all customers.


Maverick Yachts establishes itself as a formidable Custom Boat Builder with over cumulative 1,000 ft of yachts launched. Maverick have completed builds for 3 custom catamaran projects, Maverick have built Ambulance Boats for Africa that save lives. Maverick have built commercial Taxi Boats for Angola Maverick has launched many of its own Award-Winning Maverick 400 & Maverick 440 cruising catamarans.


The Maverick passes the significant milestone of over 207’559 nautical miles / 238’855 miles /384’400 km of cumulative distance sailed from the Maverick series of yachts launched. Affectionately known as the ''Space Craft'' the Maverick earns this title by covering the distance to the moon! Or was it the Space inside the 40 and 44 that is equivalent to a 50 footer. The total cumulative distance sailed by Mavericks is over 20 times the average distance it takes to circumnavigate the world.


Maverick Yachts celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary.Maverick launched a new Bimini that provides for a water catchment system, more solar power and better weather protection in the cockpit and at the helm.The new Bimini is higher and larger than previous versions and can accommodate over 1000 Watts of solar panels, has rainwater catchment and a fixed windshield; providing better overall weather protection and visibility. The first example has already been launched and was displayed at the Cape Town International Boat show. The next viewing will be possible at the Annapolis Sail Boat Show (Oct 2018), Cape Town International Boat Show (Oct 2018) and Miami International Boat Show (Feb 2019).


Maverick launches the Maverick 440 Hybrid. The Maverick 440 Hybrid meets the growing demand for more Eco-Friendly Cruising while enjoying the benefits of a more silent & autonomous yacht at anchor & while underway.

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