Maverick 400 Hull #008, 

named TAKE TWO (formerly Andando)

The True Story & Facts about Andando.

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We have launched 35 vessels to date (31 July 2018).


With one of our yachts we had unique issues, this was Maverick 400 Andando hull #008.


This page explains where this yacht has sailed and how the issues were addressed. 


Although these issues were mostly addressed under warranty we still received significant negative publicity regarding this particular yacht. Those who have the interest to understand the full backstory and discover the truth about the source of this negative publicity should also read the second page following the “Click HERE for builders Perspective” button on the bottom of the page. Here you will find out more about who we are as a builder and principles we live by as people.


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It is impossible to explain the unique facts & circumstances of hull #008 without providing the full story.

Therefore we will not comment on any other public forums about this matter. People are welcome to read the full story here on our own website and make comments and ask any questions in the comments section provided below. If you wish to discuss any of these matters in person, you can give us a call.

The TRUE story of Maverick 400 Take Two
(formerly named Andando) Hull #008


The situation with TAKE TWO / Andando #008 is unique and should not be taken out of context. 

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Executive Summary

TAKE TWO is a Maverick 400 that was launched in Cape Town, South Africa on 11 th June 2011, and was originally named Andando. Like all Maverick Yachts, it was CE Approved once fully commissioned. Following sea-trails, the transfer of ownership of the yacht took place in Cape Town, South Africa on  25 th June 2011.


The owner delegated Power of Attorney for transfer of ownership to his appointed delivery skipper. The yacht was then sailed from South Africa, across the Atlantic by the delivery skipper. Following this, another Maverick catamaran owner sailed with his family through the Panama Canal, across the Pacific to complete the delivery on behalf of the owner to New Zealand. The owner joined for the last leg of the trip from Tonga to New Zealand. Upon arrival in New Zealand it was clear that there were concerns relating to this yacht. These were not structural in nature and determined to be cosmetic issues. The builder flew to New Zealand to inspect the yacht in person and agreed to repair the yacht under warranty. A local reputable boat builder in New Zealand was hired in order to carry out the repairs which was paid for by Maverick. The yacht was repaired under warranty. The builder flew to New Zealand again in person and appointed an Independent Qualified yacht surveyor to provide full CE Certification of the yacht post-warranty repairs. The yacht survey was completed and certified under the European Recreational Craft Directive, Category A: Open Ocean.

The yacht was re-launched

Subsequently, the owner renamed the yacht TAKE TWO and sailed the yacht from New Zealand to Australia, up the East Coast of Australia to the Great Barrier Reef, then onto Indonesia and Malaysia. It is the same owner since new and he spends extended periods living and cruising aboard his yacht (31 July 2018).


We believe the yacht has sailed over 20’000 nautical miles to date in the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian Oceans.

Photos above show the Maverick 400 Andando Hull #008 after warranty repairs were completed in Auckland, New Zealand on and were taken on 13th August 2013. 

Warranty repair work was conducted in Auckland, New Zealand, and paid for by Maverick Yachts even after the warranty period had expired. The warranty repairs included numerous items that were clearly related to owners error, poor maintenance & poor operation of the yacht - that were also repaired for free by the builder.


The CE Inspection & out of water survey was completed by Peter Jacops of Blue Peter Marine. Peter is European national from Belgium and qualified CE Inspector. He has extensive experience in the Marine Industry as a production manager & boat builder of catamarans, with the focus of his career has been CE Certifications and yacht inspections & survey’s. 


Peter has worked on inspections & certifications for 50+ different companies and is considered one of the fore leading experts in the world of catamarans. His company Blue Peter Marine (i.e. Peter Jacobs) have performed inspections and certifications for include Holland Jachbouw who produces J-Class Super Yachts and broad range of power & sailing catamarans including St. Francis marine, TAG Yachts, Royal Cape Catamarans, Knysna yachts, Matrix yacht, Voyage Yachts, Nexus Catamarans (produce Balance Catamarans), Robertson and Caine (produce Leopard Catamarans) and Phoenix Catamarans (produce Xquisite Catamarans) to name but a few. Peter Jacobs is an extremely well respected world expert in catamarans.

At the end of warranty repair work being completed the yacht was validated as being CE Approved under the European Recreational Craft Directive, Catagory A: Open Ocean by an Independent Qualified yacht surveyor. 

Maverick 400 Andando hull #008, video of saloon after warranty repairs 13 August 2013

Maverick 400 Andando hull #008, overview slide show after warranty repairs 

Maverick 400 Andando hull #008, detailed slide show after warranty repairs 


Currently, the owner of the Maverick 400 Take-Two hull #008 is busy cruising on his yacht in Malasia and intends to sail to Thailand next. This is the same owner since new. After the re-launch of the yacht in Auckland, NZ the owner took on some of the roughest oceans in the world sailing up from New Zealand to Australia, then onward to warmer & more tropical places including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The yacht has proven itself to be seaworthy & capable sailing three-quarters of the way around the world, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, crossing the Pacific Ocean and currently sailing in the Indian Ocean. 


We have done everything in our power & within reason to please the owner of Hull #008.


If you still have open questions about Hull #008 you can view more details about this unique situation following the link on the bottom of this pages which provides full insight into the builders perspective. 

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